What’s in Your Tap Water?

Do you really want to know?

The fact is anything from small mammals (dead and decaying) to Algae, Bacteria,  and an array of insects. How does this happen? Read on…

the most common cause is when you don’t have a tight fitting lid on your water storage tanks in the roof space, Even worse is the central heating storage tank called the F&E tank, (the small one) when it is set up to overflow into the cold water storage tank (the big one). If yours is set up this way then all sorts of nasties and chemicals are most probably at some time getting in to the water your wash your face in, clean your teeth and more  .

In Northern Ireland around 30% of tanks we see in homes older than 15yrs are set up this way.

So what’s potentially coming out of your taps?

  Skins or films of algae on the surface of the F&E tank are caused by fungal mould growths. It occurs if the tank is not properly covered and dust, insects and spores enter the water.

Bacteria and Yeast Infections
  This is caused by organisms entering both tanks from the supply water or through air contact. There is also the ever present threat of Legionella bacteria developing.

All Kinds of Dead Things
  Every thing from insects to small birds and mammals can easily end up in your tanks if you don’t have a properly fitted lid.

Iron Oxide and more  
Iron oxide (rust) from your metal radiators and/or oil boiler can usually be found sitting at the bottom of your F&E tank as a sludge like substance.

Your central heating system can have a rage of chemical additives added to it through the years, from inhibitors to cleaners and leak sealants to heating enhancers. Most are added via the F&E tank, but if this overflows into your cold water storage tank then this can end up in your tap water.

Galvanised Cold Water Tanks  
Galvansied tanks very rarely have a secure fitting lid (if any) on them and because they tend be to 20 years old or more are generally full of all kinds of nasty’s. Just click on this link to see more.

So What Can You do to Correct This? 
 For starters go and ensure the overflow from your F&E tanks does not overflow straight in to your cold water tank and has its own feed to outside the property.

Next get a proper fitting lid for both your F&E and cold water tank as the same sort of things can fall/crawl into both tanks if left open.

Should you still be worried then get your cold water storage tank and pipework cleaned out or if your cold water storage tank is a galvanised one get it replaced with a new plastic tank as a priority

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