21% of Holidaymakers Return to a Home Emergency

Home Emergency

rain-water According AA Insurance 21% of holidaymakers return home to an emergency, such as a burst or leaking pipe, power failures or smashed windows. Simply turning off your mains before going away would instantly reduce your risk of water damage and by fitting a Surestop device would make it as easy as turning off a light.
Emergencies can easily go unnoticed, as less than 50% of people entrust a friend or neighbour with a spare key when they are away.

Nobody wants to come back after break away to find that something’s gone wrong like a water leak.

According to Saga Insurance water leaks on average  cost £1,347.80 to repair but can reach a whopping £100,000. Escape of water is one of the most costly claims making up a quarter (25%) of the cost of all home insurance claims! Turning off your water at your stopcock would greatly reduce your risk of returning home to a disaster. Not turning off your supply may affect any insurance claims!

So next time you are going away, even for a couple of days, remember to turn off your water at the stopcock or better still at the flick of a switch with a Surestop! Click here for more information or call us on 028 9028 7619.