Want’s inside the storage tank in your loft?

IMG_0128If you have a galvanised cold water storage tank then it most probably looks like this…

… and here’s a thought you also most probably brush your teeth with water from this tank and just about everything else that comes out of a tap or non electric shower – but just before you go rushing out to buy a dozen large bottles of still water read on …    it gets even scarier – Click here if your dare!

If your lucky when it rot through (and it will) it may be just a small pin hole, but if your not the entire side or worse entire bottom of the tank will give way and 50 gallons of water will come cascading down through your ceilings all the way to the ground floor and if your out when it does? Well you don’t want to this about it.

We regularly get emergency call outs to where a galvanised tank have rusted through. Most householder are lucky and had caught on just in time resulting in minimal damage and distress. They will still have to speak to their insurers but at least they did not have to move out of the homes whilst they were put back together again.

Our advise is if your not sure what type of tank yo have them get into your roofspace and check it out ASAP. If you need any further information we are always available to answer any questions or give you advise on contact us on 028 9028 7619 or email or visit our website www.belfastplumbingservices.com