Why My Oil Burner Will Not Fire

The Main Reasons Why My Oil Burner Will Not Fire

If you have oil-fired central heating, you need to be able to depend on it firing when winter comes around. There are some specific problems which can stop your oil burner from working or not firing. It’s useful to know the reason for these problems before you call out your local heating or plumbing engineer. A faulty oil burner can be dangerous, so it’s a good idea to have some troubleshooting ideas to hand.

If Your Burner Doesn’t Operate as it Should

There are a number of reasons your burner won’t fire. First, check the things that should be working; for example, is the power getting through to your burner? Check the electricity and the plug to make sure the fault isn’t there.

Thermostat Settings

You need to check your thermostat and make sure that it is set at the level your burner requires. Often, when a burner isn’t operating and firing, it is due to the thermostat being set too low. Make sure that your thermostat is set at the level your burner suppliers suggest. If resetting the thermostat doesn’t work, then check the wiring for any breaks in the connection. If the filter ductwork is blocked, that can stop your unit from working, so turn the thermostat to higher than room setting; this should clear any potential blockage.

Burner Working but Not Firing

Sometimes the burner doesn’t fire because there is insufficient fuel for it to do so; the first thing to do is check that fuel is set at the recommended levels. Sometimes, even when there is sufficient oil, it may not be getting through. Check the nozzle to make sure that the fuel is getting through. You also need to look at the oil line and the filter. Check that the valve has not been left off.

Check Your Pump

It could be the pump that isn’t working, so you should check it for blockages, and see whether or not the pump coupling has become stripped. Weak transformers and incorrectly set electrodes can also prevent your burner from firing. Again, you need to check for these things and make sure that the pump is open; if not, unblock it. If the coupling is stripped then it needs to be replaced, and then check that the air is getting through. Insufficient air will prevent your burner from firing.

If you have done all the checks and the burner is still not firing, then you may need to call on a professional to assess the problem. Always carry out regular checks before the colder weather arrives!

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