Home Winter Checks to avoid a Christmas disaster

Protect Yourself from Plumbing Disasters This Christmas

Home Winter Checks

It is unfortunate that Christmas is often the time when things can go wrong at home. Plumbing disasters are common around the holiday period, when it’s often hard to get hold of a professional to deal with them. Most plumbing professionals will tell you that if you want to avoid plumbing issues this Christmas, then make your preparations well before the holiday.

Get Your Boiler Checked

It’s recommended that you have your boiler professionally checked at least once a year. If you want to stay warm over the Christmas period, and have plenty of hot water for washing and for the inevitable Christmas cleanups, get it checked. Contact BPS to give your boiler and radiators a good overhaul before the holiday begins.

Checking Outdoors

If you’ve finished all the jobs in the garden, that’s great, but it’s always worth a final check. You may have got rid of your garden rubbish, but did you notice any leaves or other debris blocking the guttering? It’s a fact that a bunch of wet leaves really can cause problems for the householder.

Check the outer walls of your home, especially where any pipes are located. Leaves can block the pipes, and cause trouble at the point where they reach the outside of the building, so get these areas checked and cleaned. Make sure that the windows and outer doors are properly sealed, as this is the easiest way to lose costly heat.

Bad Weather

If you want to avoid some costly bills this Christmas, it’s a good idea to make sure that any outside source of water is turned off where possible. The problem is that the water can build up in the pipes, and if it freezes, you will find that it could cause a pipe to expand and burst. Burst pipes can be expensive, as well as inconvenient, especially at Christmas. Make sure that you don’t incur costly call-outs by getting the outside jobs done as soon as you can.

Enjoy the Holiday

If you have done your best to protect your home against winter problems, then relax and enjoy yourself. You may never be entirely weather proof as it’s not possible to cover every circumstance, but you are more likely to avoid problems if you’ve taken the basic steps to prepare your home for the holidays.

Emergency Plumber this Christmas

If you have a problem over the holidays contact BPS by phone, contact form or Facebook