Oil boiler servicing

The importance of oil boiler servicing

Most people do not give a second thought to their oil boiler, apart from when it gets cold and they want to turn the heat on. However, oil boilers are complex heating systems and if they are not serviced on a regular basis then they can break down. If this occurs you will have a serious issue, especially if the breakdown occurs during the coldest part of the year. Now that summer is almost here, it is time to start thinking about oil boiler servicing because this is the best time to have your oil boiler checked.

If you are wondering why you should get your oil boiler serviced it may be helpful to read about what is included in a servicing. An engineer will thoroughly look over the oil boiler during a service, and clean out most of the major components of the heating system, including, but not limited to, seals and joints, wiring, flue ways, burner, injectors, ignition components, heat exchanger, controls, and flame supervision components. They will look for any parts that may be wearing to advise you if they require replacements.

Servicing a Boiler is Cheaper Than Emergency Repairs

Remember that if you pay for a repair during an oil boiler servicing it will always be much cheaper than if you need an emergency repair. Once a piece fails during the winter you will need to pay the emergency fee for a repair service, and then pay top prices for any piece that is needed, since you will have no time to wait for an ordered part. This can all add up quickly, and when you include the time and damage that can occur to plumbing in a cold home, it quickly becomes cheaper to pay for the regular oil boiler service.

You also can save money through regular servicing because the efficiency of the boiler will be improved afterwards. Some people report efficiency increases as high as 10%, which means you will save a great deal on buying oil. When you add the money you save on oil every season versus paying for a yearly service it is wise to take this route. Plus, you save energy and help reduce your carbon footprint, making it something that you can feel good about as well. Finally, regular service ensures that your oil boiler remains safe, so that you do not have to worry about injury or damages to property occurring within your home.