Tips for Looking After your Oil Boiler

Servicing your boiler in Northern Ireland

If you spend the summer attempting to stay cool (although in Northern Ireland that seem doesn’t happen much), it’s only reasonable to assume that you have not really spent much time thinking about your heating system. However, now that autumn is here, and the nights are starting to draw in, pretty soon it will be time to turn your heating system back on. The weather is very unpredictable and that means that wintry days could be here sooner instead of later. You’ll want to make sure that your heating system is in full working order before that happens. After all, the last thing you want to do is go to turn on the heat – and find that it is broken, as you start to shiver away.

Safety & Accessibility

The good news is that if you look after your oil boiler you should never find yourself in this situation. Taking care of your oil boiler does not have to be hard, if you simply follow some great common sense tips. To begin with, you want to keep the area around your oil boiler open. Placing items too close to the oil boiler can actually be a fire hazard. In addition, it makes it hard to actually get to the unit if it needs to be serviced. You will be more likely to keep on top of maintenance if it is accessible.

Run The System Occasionally

Next, you should make it a point to run it every month, even if it’s only for a few minutes. In much the same way that you would not leave a car in a driveway for months without driving it, you should not allow your oil boiler to sit idly for too long. In order to prevent grit and dust from forming in the boiler, and the rest of the heating system, make sure to run it for about five minutes a month – even during the warm summer season. It may be uncomfortable for a few minutes, but the efficiency you’ll maintain will pay off in the long run!

Book A Pro

It is also a good idea to book a qualified service engineer to come out to check the condition of your oil boiler every year. An engineer will perform all the necessary maintenance your boiler needs, and make sure there is nothing out of order before a more expensive repair becomes necessary. Paying for an annual service will also work out cheaper than paying an emergency fee, if the boiler breaks down and you need to call someone out on a weekend or in the middle of the night.

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