Common Shower Plumbing Issues

Shower plumbing issuesThe shower is one of the most important places in a house. Many people have developed problems with their shower systems that have made them develop interesting questions about their shower systems. There has been an increased curiosity as to what makes the water pressure vary for no apparent reason.

Water Temperature Changes

Changes to the water temperature are normally caused by the water supply. If you and a vented supply (cold water storage tank) the water supplied to a home comes from a single source. The water is  piped to the cold water storage tank and from there to the various outlet in your home. When the shower is running and someone turns on a water supply in a different section of the house, the pressure for both fixtures will drop because the pressure is being split between two fixtures. This change is more evident with old toilets because they flush lots of water at once, which leads to a drastic loss of water pressure for any other fixture in the house. To avoid drastic temperature changes, use a thermostatically regulated shower fixture with one knob adjusted to achieve the desired temperature. This type of fixture is designed to stabilise water temperature even with a drop of water pressure. Even though this is more common with vented supply systems the same issues do occur with unvented and combi supply systems

Shower Head Pressure

Over time, debris and soil particles from water accumulates in the holes of the showerhead. The more dirt accumulates in these holes, reducing flow and erratic jet spray. Many homemade remedies will remove the build-up in the shower head and get full pressure back in the shower head. An easy remedy is to remove the head and clean with a nail brush or something similar and rinse out the inside of the head.

Call a professional plumber in Belfast if you suspect clogging or other problems in your shower plumbing system.

Common Shower Plumbing Hardware

Multi-Head Shower Systems

One of the most popular and inexpensive bathroom upgrades is a multi-head shower system. There are many types of multi-head shower heads available in hardware and home improvement stores including simple shower towers and full hydrotherapy spas among others. However, you need to install additional support materials when installing multi-head shower systems behind the walls to support the new shower system. In addition, the shower area and the holes will need extra proofing for pipes and heads. Make your use waterproof caulk or silicone to seal the holes.

Energy-Efficient Shower Heads

These are inexpensive and eco-friendly shower plumbing hardware. Save water and energy by using energy efficient shower heads.

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