Best Electric showers 2016

The best electric showers available in the UK

If you are looking for an electric shower then you may be in for a treat because electric shower technology has advanced so much in the UK over the past few years. The market has also widened, so now there are plenty of options to select from. You should start your search by looking at price, the shower head, power ratings, and the type of riser rail available. To help shorten your search, here are some of the best electric showers available in the UK.

Up first on the list is the 10.5kW Creda 53557581. This shower is extremely efficient and is impressive to the eye due to its sleek chrome finish. It has a flexible riser rail so that you can adjust the height easily, and the one push button makes a morning shower so simple.

A Personalised Shower Experience

Next on the list is the Mira Sport Max 10.8 kW electric shower. This shower is great for families with several people with different preferences living in one home since the large knob makes it easy to adjust the temperature of the water. The shower head has four nozzles and sprays, all made out of rubber so that everyone can have their own shower experience.

Those with poor water pressure in their home will want to try out the Triton T80si electric shower, which will remedy the issue completely. The pressure is improved significantly due to the pump style of the shower, and the shower head offers its users five different spray patterns so there is sure to be one that pleases everyone. It also has a one year guarantee and a water temperature gauge.

High Performance and Energy-Saving Showers

If you want a high-end electric shower that offers you the best that money can buy then check out the Mira Event XS thermostatic power shower. This high-performance electric shower is not only quiet, but it offers thermostatic technology so you can choose the exact heat levels that you want. The riser rail is also quite lengthy so it adjusts easily, and there are around half a dozen spray options on the shower head.

Finally, rounding out the list is the highly customisable GROHE 2622100 NTempesta 100. Buyers can choose from a selection of colours, and the shower head offers three spray settings. This shower head is affordable and offers a two-year warranty. The hose is also twist free and it utilises GROHE EcoJoy patented technology to makes sure that you save water and energy, every time someone in your home takes a shower.

When you’ve picked your perfect electric, give Belfast Plumbing Services a ring if you live in the Belfast region to install your electric shower safely and neatly.